Most of you know that Agape Tennis Academy is a passionate, caring, supportive, welcoming, community-oriented organization that offers a rich array of tennis programming for the rich array of people that our city represents.  In previous letters addressed to the tennis community, we have shared our vision, mission, and overall philosophy. Therefore, we would now like to share with you some of the ways in which Agape has, over the years, systematically prepared to efficiently and effectively manage multiple tennis centers.

Agape Tennis Academy has 37 employees that work on and off the tennis courts in different capacities and capabilities. These capabilities include coaching tennis, managing, marketing, office and pro shop services, technology management and maintenance, and overall operations. In addition to our existing highly qualified and professional staff, Agape has met with and spoken to a  vast network of tennis professionals and coaches who are ready, willing, and able to come on board with the Agape team as needed.  This includes more than 40 professionals in the tennis industry.  Further, Agape would provide an opportunity for any staff professionals currently working at the Atlanta tennis centers to join the team.  

Agape stays connected and continues to connect with more business owners, business professionals, and leading professionals in the tennis industry. Our relationships to business and industry leaders reach far and wide, but especially right here in the City of Atlanta. Agape is very fortunate to have relationships with leading professionals in different and the same fields who support our efforts.

Agape built its infrastructure and chose its processes and systems years ago with the intention of supporting massive growth. In February 2019, when Agape was deemed the most responsive and responsible organization to manage the City of Atlanta tennis centers, we were able to quickly enable our online software, website, and other systems to support the needed infrastructure.

Agape Tennis Academy uses an online system that automates all day to day operations of tennis facility management which includes billing, reporting, invoicing, scheduling, payroll, communications, and much more. Our online system allows patrons to sign up for classes, drills, and events, make online payments and reservations, secure information on file, view the tennis court sheets daily, receive updates, and communicate.  The patron is in control of how much or how little automation they would like to have. Patrons can choose which tennis centers they would like to have access to online. This system allows Agape to have efficient and transparent processes for our patrons, our staff, and the City of Atlanta. This functionally is largely completed and simply would need to be activated to go live.

Agape has the necessary people and processes in place for not only efficient and effective management of multiple tennis centers, but for the improvement of management in the City. Each tennis center will have equal access and resources to the tennis professionals, programming, software, and technology that Agape offers. Agape’s culture, vision, network of tennis industry leaders and professionals, and our innovative software and technology make us the best fit to manage an ever changing and growing City of Atlanta.  Stay tuned for more as this is just a fraction of what Agape can and will do for the City of Atlanta, its patrons, and our beloved community.